Detects 10 Most Common Allergens

This device contains 2 capsules coming in it and 2 additional aside. Yako has been invented to avoid allergy crisis. Important that the clients also used the normal protection (EpiPen etc.).

In 2017, Approximately 2 700 000 Canadians had allergies and ¼ of them are less than 18 years old.

According to AllerGen

Steps to Using the Product

  1. Open the capsule and place a piece of the food
  2. Press the start button and wait 1 minute
  3. Than verify if your allergen is present in the piece
  4. If not, eat it; if yes, throw it away
  5. Then wash the capsule and repeat

Target audience characteristics


  • Language: English
  • Family size: average
  • Income: average


  • Area: Canada


  • Attitude: People for which safety and knowledge is important

Where to buy

  • Online
  • At most pharmaceutical shops
  • In specialized stores

Price Breakdown         

Our product is more developed than any of its similes, but is still affordable

Name Description         Price
Starter Kit Yako & 4 cartridges $250.00
Extension pack 7 Yako cartridges $34.99

Promotion Strategy

Presence Online and Offline

  • Representation on product’s social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook
  • Ads on the net
  • Coloured ads in magazines


Not the first on the market… but one of a kind

Competitive analysis

Most tests are lab kits, with many different parts that take precious time for results there is nothing on the consumer market that can bring real time peace of mind.

We have two main competitors.

NAICS - 4145

Pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics and sundries merchant wholesalers


Preestablished businesses
Succesful Kickstarter
$15M is Sales

Why Us?

  • Innovative multi use cartridges
  • Canadian Company
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Plans to Push with Doctors

Eat Safe. Eat Yako.